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We only provide software library or code examples for Arduino platform in most cases. Here we need a Grove – 3-Axis Digital Gyro and a Seeeduino V3. This module has an MPU-60accelerometer and gyroscope IC on a GY-5breakout board to make it easy to use this amazing sensor. MPU 60accelerometre gyroscope.

The Gyroscope Sensor Test by Using Arduino. Abstract: The gyroscope has ability to get accurate data of motions for space . This chapter explains how to work with Accelerator and Gyroscope on Arduino Genuino 101. Getting Started Arduino Genuino 1has builtin Accelerator . This is an MPU60triple-axis gyroscope and acce​​lerometer module for Arduino with communication mode of I2C/IIC. It comes with two pin headers. Pin used in this example.

In this Arduino tutorial digital gyroscope ITG32angular velocities are used to calculate angle in x, y and z axis.