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Pricing information is only available for customers. This professional-grade laser distance meter is fast and easy to use improving accuracy and . SPECIALLY DEVELOPED WITH BLUETOOTH AND CAMERA FUNCTION. The VECTOR 1PRO with the latest technology has everything covere integrated.

This site uses various types of cookies for its working. We use both technical and third-party cookies. Click here to find out more. This handy 2-in-laser level tool includes a digital measuring tool and a digital level, so you can easily and accurately tackle all your DIY projects.

Distance meters or rangefinders are a popular application for laser technology. These laser sensors use laser light (pulsed or continuously modulated) to . Laser distance measurement is gaining popularity in many markets, especially construction. For example, the distance to a wall, the length of a pipe, or the width. Perfect for estimating jobsite layouts and . Laser Distance measuring tools easily take single, continuous and cumulative measurements.

Visit your local store for the widest range of tools products. The laser distance measurer, also known as laser distance meter is a device that automatically calculates distances with high precision to give you job site data . The Bosch GLM laser measure allows users to take distance . Learn about laser distance finders (laser measuring tape) from the construction tools experts at Johnson Level. Analytical equipment for online analysis. Analysis of the chemical composition in real time mode. Equipment for elemental analysis and representative . Shop durable and precise measuring hand tools, including laser distance meters measuring up to 3feet.

Like all Spectra Precision laser tools, they are designed to withstand tough . Simply push the measurement . Reliable optical level measurement with high ranges up to 9. With the magicplan floor plan app you can connect to a bluetooth laser and create the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for professionals with 1 . The meter measures the time between those two events . The integrated Pythagoras theorem also . DIMETIX provides laser distance measurement sensors for a distance range up to 500m with an accuracy up to 1mm. The sensors are made for industrial . Now available at a retailer near you. Our laser distance meter family cuts out the complexities and is available in a very unique design. It is compact, easy to operate and give a robust result.

STOF sensors are made for accurate long distance measurement and object positioning, as well as very long range background suppression detection, up to. Intuitive and user friendly distance measurer with a measuring range up to 80m. High precision, compact design and soft case in order to increase mobility and . The Laser Ranging Retroreflector experiment was deployed on Apollo 1 1 and 15. It consists of a series of corner-cube reflectors, which are a special type of .