Surtec 650

SurTec 6Tri-chrome Passivation for Aluminium. The liquid concentrate delivers an excellent corrosion protection, comparable with the . It is primarily used in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. Surtec 6is a high-value. It is a trivalent chromium passivation (TCP) solution for .

Available to buy from Silmid. Basierend auf einem NavAir- . Key features include low . FEATURES: Touch-up pens containing a trivalent solution, whichwillgivea protective . DEC, specialiste in the surface treatment: aeronautical, space, defence, . High strength aluminium alloys are widely employed in aerospace applications for both structural and non-structural applications. SURTEC 6is a product based on non – toxic trivalent chromium which . Le surtec 6est un traitement (de surface sur aluminium) de conversion chimique appliqué par immersion ou par aspersion.

Ce procédé tend à remplacer . This process creates a corrosion protection of the aluminium, with no need for subsequent treatment. It is useful to protect aluminium from corrosion, no other treatments are necessary . The companies who were given . Do you require corrosion resistant metals? Feutre de retouche contenant une solution de passivation à base de chrome trivalent pour applicationmanuelle.

Convient pour la réparation des surfaces. The surface must be water-break . SURTEC – 6-40ML CHROMITAL RETOUCHE PEN available at ShopKLX. Für komplexe Vorbehandlung von Zinkgussdruckteilen und Alugussteilen bieten wir seit einiger Zeit das SurTec Verfahren an. Durch den chemischen Prozess wird eine schwach.

Al alloy-Silicone elastomere. A yellow to gold coloured non-chromium passivate for aluminium. DESCRIZIONE DEL PROCESSO. The initial and post-treated anodic layers were studied by means of coating weight measurement,.

SEM-EDS analyses, Bell peel.

The obtained demonstrate the need of . Chrom(VI)-freie Passivierung für Aluminium, für die Elektronik-, Automobil- und Flugzeugindustrie. Clamp Type, Parallel clamp. View our full Product Range.

Catalogue produit – Détail du produit : SURTEC 650. Widely used in the electronics industry due to low surface resistance, and in the .