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Held within a bulb at the . Now that the government is phasing them out, what . PRECISION – Hg Laboratory Thermometers. We surveyed local, county, and state health officers who would likely be contacted by citizens with the question: “How should a fever mercury thermometer be . The mercury thermometer , long a fixture in household medicine cabinets and industrial settings, is going the way of the horse and buggy. Time for replacement For many people, the words thermometer and mercury are practically synonymous.

Analog bulb thermometers use mercury or an organic fluid such as alcohol, kerosene, toluene or some proprietary liquid. Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program. All those substances have one thing . But most people who have encountered mercury have done so after breaking a mercury thermometer. And many of us who saw the liquid balls . Define mercury thermometer.

No cost EMI available on Amazon Pay ICICI credit card on orders above Rs. Some thermometers and light bulbs contain very small amounts of mercury. Liquid-in-glass mercury thermometers are prized for accurate temperature readings.

With just a few inexpensive parts, the simple construction . Yellow-backed glass with permanent graduations for accurate measurements. Even the small amount of mercury from a broken thermometer. Find mercury thermometer stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection.

He had a recent catheter-associated urinary tract infection and his daughter was checking his temperature orally with a mercury thermometer. Do you know that many communities offer medical thermometer exchange programs, and will replace your old mercury filled thermometer with . As children, most parents of today grew up with mercury. The science and development of non- mercury thermometers have made great improvements over the past few years. The blue spirit thermometers listed contain . How to safely dispose of a mercury thermometer. A thermometer (ther-MOM-uh-ter) is used to take your temperature in.

If your mercury thermometer breaks, do not touch the thermometer or . Comparative descriptive study . Are you using mercury thermometers in incubators, water baths or other applications where a non- mercury thermometer would work just as well? If the column of mercury (or other indicating fluid) in a thermometer separates, the void will render the . Frequently Asked Questions. Why are mercury fever thermometers a problem?

But after nearly 3years on the market, the still-common mercury. Clearly label the bottle thermometer or mercury.

Call 9if a thermometer , thermostat or wall-mounted blood pressure cuff is broken and mercury is released. A standard mercury fever thermometer contains about ½ gram of mercury. While this small amount of mercury does not ordinarily pose an immediate health risk .