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Since the 19th century, in United Kingdom there were some evidences from the changes of crystal shape of a storm glass for weather forecasts. Storm glass definition: a sealed tube containing a solution supposed to change in appearance according to the. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and . The liquid inside the glass will indicate what the weather has in store. Liquid and crystal filled Historic Reproduction Storm Glass predicts the weather up to days in advance. A wonderfully unique gift and home decor item.

Crystal Water Weather Forecast Storm Glass Bottle Wooden Base Home Decors Gifts Home Garden Crystal Water Weather Forecast Storm Glass Bottle . Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this handmade desktop storm glass predicts atmospheric change just like its ship-mounted predecessors that . Storm glass is a antique barometer which uses feathery crystals to predict the weather. Material, glass distilled water ethanol potassium nitrate ammonium .