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I run frame medium boxes on all my hives. In March 20I participated in the Flow Hive campaign and purchased three Flow Frames at a . Stuart and Cedar Anderson are the inventor of the Flow Hive , which has taken the beekeeping world by storm. Please come and listen to their . The Flow Hive is headed for production later this year.

Save the Bees HONEY FLOW Hive – Harvesting honey is perhaps the most laborious and invasive aspect of beekeeping. Im thinking of buying one of those Flow Hives that are being promoted by that Australian company. Has anyone bought one here in Thailan . The world has been waiting for major innovation in beekeeping for a long time and it seems it has arrived with the invention of the Flow Hive. Flow Hive the unsuspecting rewards-based crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that stands as the largest ever for the platform, has now . Lend3– Dallas Can I collect pollen from a Flow hive? Honey Bee Suite https://honeybeesuite.

Except for harvesting honey, the Flow hive is like any other Langstroth hive.