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The BM Bulat main battle tank (MBT), also known as Obyekt 447AM- is a modernised version of the T-64B MBT. The upgraded T – 64B tank has been designed .

T was a tank ahead of its time. It had improvements conside- ring the transmission, was more mobile and had a lower silhou- ette than T-62. The T-64BM Bulat is a heavily modified variant of the T-64B main battle tank. The Soviet T – tank is a Cold War oddity.

Välimuistissa Käännä tämä sivu 3. Designed by the Kharkov Tank Factory in Ukraine, the 40-ton armored vehicle represented a huge . PRODUCTION ‎: ‎10MANUFACTURER(S) ‎: ‎Malyshev Factory – Sovi. The T-was an evolution over its predecessor, the T – 64.

Original versions of the tank were shipped with a 115mm D-gun. Later upgrades changed this over to the 125mm . State defense holding company UkrOboronProm on Feb. Massproduktionen startade . Motor ‎: ‎5-cylindrig multifuel diesel modell 5DTF;.

On February, the UkrOboronProm has released footage . Because T-64BV is absolutely outclassed by the T-72B3. T-är en medeltung stridsvagn. The tank T- of Soviet production is the most known and most spread tank in the world. Modernization of the tank T-55).

Join our T-driving in Ukraine and experience a wonderful adventure. Manufacturer: STATE ENTERPRISE “KHARKIV ARMORED PLANT”. Article by: Olena Kapnik. Unlike other light tanks , the Type is excellent at hit and run and. Assembly guide on how to assemble your T – Tanks.

Kubinka tank museum and Patriot park, Moscow region.

Osprey Modelling Supplement OSPREY PUBLISHING Modelling the T-(Somali Army variant) Andrew Dextras Series editors M. Country of Origin, CIS (formerly USSR). Crew, (commander, gunner, driver). Find great deals on eBay for t-tank.

T-64BM Bulat Conversion set, includes PE part. T-64B Turret with anti-radiation liner, includes PE .