Odporová pila na polystyren

The SXis an interpolate 5-axis, powerful (15-HP spindle) fully automated stone CNC saw. KBS 2CNC 3CNC 3CNC. SMART-CUT 5is a cnc bridge saw cutting centre with interpolated axes, equipped with rotating head and fixed work bench, designed to perform multiple.

Automated CNC controlled Drill/Saw Line system for steel fabrication. Intergration of Lamello – System for use in CNC routers and machining cenetr. Saw Blade for CNC Saw Aggregates – D1BdZ24W . A new CNC router was certainly not in the budget, but with lots of reuse, patience, and a few small purchases, my DIY CNC works!

I can cut out and engrave . Farnese MARC– Axis CNC Bridge Saw 220V 3Ph Hp Dimensions of Installed Machine Table Dimensions WIDTH 58mm/230. The Saw Company is a national importer and distributor of metal sawing machinery, accessories and saw blades, including Nishijimax CNC.