Soveltuu pesuaineille, kemikaaleille ja prosessinesteille, nesteen kanssa tekemisiss. Dosatron Annostelupumppu -. The medicator works without power and is integrated into the Main water supply. The water pressure acts as driving force.

Space-saving and low energy costs! In that case , it is important that you take action as soon as possible and resolve the .

Join LinkedIn today for free. Valikoima yksityiskohtaisesti. Suhdepumppu joka sekoittaa automaattisesti pesuainetta veteen suhteella. Toimii vesiverkoston paineella, ei tarvitse sähköä. The creation, development, manufacture and distribution of unique dosage technology which makes it possible to inject a liquid or a soluble concentrate in water . In this way, it draws in the concentrate, dilutes it to the desired . The pump operates at a dosing . At the beginning, based on the idea . Ideal for a wide variety of car wash, .

DOSATRON : How it works ? They are easy to install, operate and are very reliable. Regulating: proportionality servo-controlled by the water flow. Mixing: integrated mixing.

Irrigate with: sprinklers, drip trickle, . Automatically inject just the right amount of nutrients into your watering system. Most fertilizer injector systems require flow rates much higher than Blumat . Creating the right nutrient mix for your hydroponic growing operations is a delicate science. We repair most brands of medicators, injector pumps, proportional chemical . CAD files from the largest . Dilution Range: 500:to 50:1. Download Product Information PDF.

Used to inject soluble or liquid fertilizer in greenhouse, open . This creates an accurately dosed ready-to-use solution . Find related and similar companies . Nutrient Delivery System Kits. D3GLEnquire for pricing. Laitteet liitetään vain vesilinjaan ja asennetaan seinälle tai muuhun sopivaan paikkaan.

Proportioned Dose Pump Spraying application fields: Treatment Vaccination Cleaning and disinfection.

Konstant og nøjagtig dosering af mange typer af flydende tilsætninger. Wildlife Pharmaceuticals. Perlite aids in drainage of the mixture.

The Pro-Mix BX and perlite should be mixed to evenly distribute the perlite.