Cnc řezačka polystyrenu

Cold Work Alloy Tool Steel China suppliers, wholesale, distributors and stockholder. Otai Special Steel is manufacturers and Have . Kunststoffgroßformen mit tiefgehender Gravur und hoher . Opis: stal w stanie dostawy hutniczo ulepszona cieplnie do twardości ok. HRC, dobra skrawalność, odpowiednia do teksturowania, dobra polerowalność .

Dong Guan City San He Xing Die Steel Co. This steel is in the category generally labeled as Mold Steels. Nickel and chromium are the alloying elements for hardness and toughness.

Improved through hardenability compared to Mat. Applications Typically used for relatively low temperature applications . Low sulphur plastic mould steel that is usually supplied in a quenched and tempered condition. The additional Ni content improves the through hardenability.

Supply conditions: ccording to standards. Better weldability, texturing suitability and machinability compared to 1. Good toughness and good temper back resistance. Plastic injection die moulds.

The characteristics of a material are right sharpening, photo-etching properties with high purity and . Chrome-manganese-nickel-molybdenum steel for hardening in air or in oil with good hardenability and good firmness during the heat. Table for comparison of international classification. HRC pre-hardened plastic mold steel.

Uniform hardness distribution, polishing, due to their ability to be easy resources especially in plastic injection m. Material properties: Hardened and tempered steel for plastics processing moulds, with a homogeneous strength even for large dimensions. Good machinability, suitable for texturing, improved through . TOOL STEEL FOR PLASTIC MOULDING AND EXTRUSION. APPLICATION: Steel susceptible to dies for forming plastic products, large . Wir bieten Ihnen für den Werkstoff 1. Zuschnitte mit ihren Wunschabmessungen aus Lagervorrat an!


Large plastic moulds with deep engravings and intensive impacts on the core. Mecanizado parabólico GARANT en 1. En esta demo se puede ver en funcionamiento las nuevas fresas de barril GARANT con las que . About of these are steel round bars , are steel sheets. Songshun: China professional suppliers of various p20ni, 1. Welcome to buy bulk p20ni . Widely used plastic mold steel with excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, high hardenability, uniformed hardness throughout section for large size . High quality Alloys Steel – Psuppliers and Manufacturers Mumbai India Fountain Head Alloys commit to provide alloy steel at best Price. Stal na formy i korpusy 1.